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Top 7 Issues When Selling Estate Property

When a loved one passes, the grief and sadness surviving family members and loved ones experience can be intensified by the steps involved in wrapping up the decedent’s affairs. In nearly every case, this involves disposing of real and personal property that is wrapped up in the decedent’s estate. In some cases, “disposition” means transferring […]

Interested in Becoming an Airbnb Host? Here Are Some Tips

Airbnb is an online peer-to-peer rental marketplace that allows people to list and rent any property space. Whether you have a spare room in your apartment, house, or some extra space in your shed, you can have almost any area rented on Airbnb and earn. However, renting on Airbnb is not as simple as it […]

Common Condo Management Issues

From negotiating with property owners to keeping the surrounding area clean, you, as a real estate manager, have quite a few responsibilities. No matter how well you maintain the condos, there are certain issues that are bound to occur. As a property manager, you have to be proactive in your approach. This will not only […]

Starting a Business? Tips for Corporate Formation

You may have started a business with a partner, or maybe you joined a start-up and are now looking to incorporate.  There are many reasons to incorporate – to protect yourself from liability, raise funds, etc. It may seem easy, but incorporating a business must to be done with care and consideration. Below are some important […]

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